CareerDC’s Resources bring you tips, articles and info on internships, WIL programs and capstone projects in Australia and how students can benefit from experiential learning and work experience opportunities.

About Internships and Related Advice

CareerDC Resources

CareerDC Resources is where you’ll find tips and advice on all things internships, capstone projects and work integrated learning.

The resources are articles with advice on a range of topics. From advice on internship interviews to developing employability skills to the difference between an internship and a capstone project, the purpose of the resources is to offer useful information and advice for students, new graduates, education providers and even internship host companies.

Internship and Other Information

Interested in an Internship or Another Kind of WIL Experience?

If you are a student or a new graduate in Australia and you are interested in doing an internship or another kind of work integrated learning experience, get in contact with the CareerDC team.

You can also find more information on internships, capstone projects and WIL programs through the links on our website.

If you’re an education provider interested in partnering with an internship coordinator, such as CareerDC, visit the page we’ve dedicated for education providers.

If you’re a company owner interested in hosting an intern, have a look at the information we’ve prepared for host companies.

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