WIL Programs

Work Integrated Learning offers a work experience opportunity similar to an internship. WIL Programs give new graduates and current students hands-on industry exposure.

Apply Your Learning in a Real Workplace

Work Integrated Learning

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program is much the same as an internship program. The WIL program is designed for new domestic and international graduates in Australia.

It also offers a work experience opportunity for you if you’re a student whose degree does not have a compulsory internship component.

WIL Program

The WIL program combines an internship with an accredited course that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed in a real workplace.

WIL Placement

During your WIL placement, you will apply your theoretical university knowledge in a real-world workplace with an Australian host company.

Skills Building

The goal of work integrated learning is to assist you in building up your professional skills and practical competencies as a new graduate.

Gain Industry Insights

Improve Your Employability by Learning Skills Needed in Your Industry

Develop Your Professional Skills

WIL as a Gateway to Employability

Employers want graduates with ready-to-use skills and attributes. WIL gives you an opportunity to improve your employability.

As you apply your university learning to practical situations in a real workplace, you develop your technical and soft skills and beneficial attributes such as commercial awareness and initiative.

A graduate intern in an office space smiling at the camera with a team of professionals sitting around a table in the background.

Internship Placement

Your WIL Program

  • For new graduates in Australia

  • For students whose degree does not have an internship component

  • Internship as a WIL placement

  • Accredited WIL program combined with the internship

  • Get practical industry work experience

  • Improve your employability

  • Choose from over 25 popular internship industries or customise

A smiling young graduate standing in an office with coworkers sitting by desks in the background.

Personalised for You

WIL Program Benefits

  • Flexibility as you choose your WIL placement location and start date

  • Interview training to improve your professional presentation

  • Updated professional resume fit for the Australian market

  • Internship interviews organised for you

  • Practical industry experience with an Australian company

  • Technical and soft skills development

  • Internship Certificate of Completion

Internship Placements Made Easy

CareerDC WIL Program

If you are a new graduate or a current student in need of an internship and industry experience, get in contact. We’ll give you full details on the WIL program, how it works and what it includes. Start with an initial WIL program consultation - free of charge.

Once you’ve discussed your internship needs with one of the CareerDC internship consultants, you can decide if you want to enrol in the WIL program.

Take a step closer to your internship - ask us about WIL Programs.

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