Industry Experiences in Partnership With Universities

Universities and other education providers can improve their students' career readiness and employment outcomes through industry experience programs, such as internships, in partnership with CareerDC.

Industry Experience in Partnership with CareerDC

It’s well worth it for universities and other education providers to offer students opportunities to gain industry experience in the course of their studies. Work Integrated Learning, or WIL, offers a myriad of ways to build students’ technical and soft skills and develop their work readiness.

As students apply their academic learning to practical, real industry tasks and problems, they build skills and abilities that improve their employability and work readiness.

Having the right industry partners is crucial for beneficial industry experiences.

CareerDC partners with higher education providers in Australia and overseas. We connect your students with industry experience host companies in many industries.

Benefits of Industry Experience Partnerships with CareerDC

We assist education providers in supporting students to develop into employable future graduates. The three main industry experiences we coordinate include internship programs, capstone projects and WIL programs.


We coordinate internship programs in over 25 industries. The work experience opportunities we facilitate give students industry insights relevant to their degree. The internships can be organised on-site on the host company’s premises, or they can be remote internships.

Capstone Projects

Capstone projects offer students industry, problem-solving and practical teamwork experience that meets the requirements of their capstone project unit and develops the students’ employability skills. They are usually done on campus or in another location chosen by the team of students.

WIL Programs

WIL Programs coordinated by CareerDC are best for students who want to get degree-relevant work experience and improve their job readiness during their studies but who don’t have an internship or capstone project unit in their degree.

Work Based Learning In Partnership with CareerDC

When you, as an education provider, partner with CareerDC, our partnership managers do the bulk of the work of designing enriching work based learning experiences for your students, be it internships, capstone projects or other types of WIL programs.

  • Your partnership manager will closely consult with you and your organisation whilst developing suitable internship programs and capstone projects for your students.

  • CareerDC will be your agent and connection to the work integrated learning host company. We will organise professional supervision for the duration of the WIL experience and look after the required paperwork whilst your organisation will arrange for academic supervision during the course of the project.

  • Partnership with CareerDC offers your higher education students a pathway that leads them to practical industry experiences with host companies.

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    Better Student Employability

    Industry Experience for Students in Partnership with CareerDC

    We’ve been coordinating internship programs and other WIL programs since 2011.

    We understand what students and education providers need from WIL experiences.

    Here are some of the good reasons to partner with CareerDC.

    Industry Connections

    As a partner, your educational institution and students will benefit from our network of host companies and industry connections.

    WIL Program Preparation

    We will prepare the WIL Program in consultation with you, be it capstone projects, internship placements or another type of WIL experience and source suitable companies and businesses to host the WIL experience.

    Industry Experience Support

    Your university’s or college’s students will benefit from the gateway to industry experience. CareerDC will be available to support you and your students during the industry experience project should any issues arise.

    Becoming a CareerDC Partner

    Employability Partnership and How It Works

    • Get in touch and tell us about the industry experiences and work based learning you’d like to offer your students.

    • One of our partnership managers will have a detailed discussion with you to consider different options.

    • If your university or college faculty is interested in going into a partnership, we will enter into an agreement and start developing the kind of WIL programs that you want to offer your students.

    Connecting Universities and Students With Industry

    CareerDC will be your agent and connection to industry and the work integrated learning host company. We will organise supervision for the duration of the WIL experience and look after the required paperwork. Contact the CareerDC team to find out more and to discuss details such as:

    • Types of WIL programs, including pn-site internships, remote internships and capstone projects.

    • Types of host companies and their industries.

    • Types of capstone projects we’ve facilitated in the past and can coordinate for you too.

    • The structure of CareerDC internship programs, including timeframes, expectations, learning outcomes and any other requirements.

    • Study subjects, target industries, student numbers and costings.

    Work Readiness Programs

    Improve Your Students’ Employability Through Industry Experiences