Internship Host Companies

As an internship host company, your business can benefit greatly from the presence of a student intern whilst you give the intern a hands-on work experience opportunity.

Internship Information for Companies

An internship is a vocational work experience placement that gives a student practical industry experience relevant to their current or recent studies and their degree.

The aim of the internship is to give the student an opportunity to apply their university learning, develop their technical and soft skills and improve their employability.

As an internship host company, you, too, will benefit from the internship in a range of ways.

Benefits of Internships for Companies

Innovative Interns

Student interns have a fresh outlook and the latest theoretical industry knowledge. Your intern can come up with innovative ideas to help develop your business.

Talented Interns

Student interns have talents they can apply during their placement. Having a multilingual intern, for example, can assist your business in many ways.

Developing Interns

Internships offer a chance for interns to develop their skills and abilities and can be an opportunity for you to find your next employee.

Host an Intern

Find out how to host an intern in the 1-minute video.

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    Intern Benefits to Business

    Good Reasons to Host a CareerDC Intern

    CareerDC has been coordinating internship programs and placements since 2011.

    We understand what students need from their vocational placements, and we know what companies need when hosting a student intern.

    Here are some of the good reasons to host a CareerDC intern.

    Intern Selection

    We pre-screen and select potential interns to ensure that they are suitable for your company.

    Internship Preparation

    We assist you with all the documents that the intern’s university or education provider requires.

    Internship Insurance

    We assist you with the internship insurance documents provided by the university or by us.

    Internship Support

    CareerDC will be available and will mediate should any problems emerge during the internship.

    Becoming a Host Company

    How the Internship Program Works

    • Tell us about the internship role you can host. The role is then structured into an internship program.

    • We then organise an interview between you and a potential student intern.

    • You assess if the student is suitable. And you decide if you take the student for an internship or not.

    • If you accept the intern, we’ll get the required internship documents done.

    • If you don’t want to accept the student following the interview, we will put another student forward for your consideration.

    Internship Host Company Responsibilities

    Host Companies

    • Designate a supervisor to monitor and supervise the student during the internship.

    • Give training to the student intern at the start of the internship placement.

    • Provide the intern with a safe workplace that complies with WHS laws and regulations.

    • Sign the documents needed by the intern's education provider at the end of the internship.

    • Contact CareerDC without delay should you have questions or concerns.

    Hosting an Intern

    As an Internship Host Company, You Help Students Gain Work Experience and Improve Their Employability