8 Tips to Become a Star Intern

Congratulations! You’ve landed an internship, which is an exciting step toward your career goals. Whether it’s a remote internship or an on-site internship, preparing for your first day is crucial. As an intern geared for success, it's essential to be professional but to truly make the most of your internship, you need to go above and beyond the basics. Simply showing up on time and completing your tasks won't set you apart. Here are eight tips to help you become a star intern and maximise your internship opportunity.

1. Know Your Goals

Start your internship with clear, defined goals. Understand what you want to achieve, whether it’s gaining specific technical or soft skills, securing a job offer, or expanding your professional network. Communicate these goals with your host organisation.

For example, if you need to improve your communication skills, volunteer to present at project meetings. This not only demonstrates your proactive attitude but also fills any skill gaps. When your goals align with the company’s objectives, it creates a win-win situation, making you an invaluable asset.

2. Find a Mentor

A mentor can significantly enhance your internship experience. While you’ll have a supervisor to guide you through daily tasks, a mentor offers deeper insights into the industry. They provide technical advice, career guidance, and practical knowledge about the working world.

Learning from a mentor’s experiences can help you collect some really good tricks and tips that may well come in handy when you graduate and are ready to transition into a professional environment. Don’t hesitate to seek out someone who can be a mentor to you, whether formally or informally.

3. Be Proactive

Take initiative and bring something extra to your host organisation. If you have ideas for improving processes, suggest them. When challenges arise, tackle them calmly and persistently. Stepping out of your comfort zone and putting in extra effort will help you grow.

By being proactive, you not only gain valuable experience but also demonstrate your commitment and creativity, traits that are highly valued by employers.

4. Show Your Commitment

Commitment is key to making a lasting impression. Always be punctual and meet deadlines. Be flexible with your time; if necessary, stay late to complete important projects. This demonstrates your dedication to the role and your willingness to contribute to the company’s success.

Businesses notice interns who go the extra mile, and this can set you apart when they consider future hires.

5. Build Your Network

Networking is an invaluable part of any internship. Connect with your colleagues, whether you’re in a startup, SME, or large corporation. If you’re in a bigger company, make an effort to meet people outside your immediate team or department.

Building these relationships can open doors to future opportunities and provide you with support as you navigate your career. Attend company events, join professional groups, and engage in conversations with coworkers to expand your network.

6. Ask for Feedback

Regularly seeking feedback is essential for personal and professional growth. It shows that you are eager to improve and value constructive criticism. Don’t wait until the end of your internship; ask for feedback throughout your time with the host organisation.

This will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to make the most of your internship and leave a positive impression on your supervisors.

7. Document Your Achievements

Keep a detailed record of your tasks, projects, and accomplishments during your internship. This documentation will be invaluable when updating your resume, preparing for job interviews, or discussing your achievements with potential employers.

Highlight specific examples of your contributions, such as projects you completed, skills you developed, and any positive feedback you received. This not only helps you reflect on your progress but also provides tangible evidence of your capabilities.

8. Stay Positive and Enthusiastic

A positive attitude and enthusiasm can significantly impact your internship experience. Even when you are faced with boring tasks or challenging situations, maintaining a positive attitude can set you apart. Employers appreciate interns who bring energy and optimism to the workplace.

Your enthusiasm can be contagious, contributing to a more dynamic and productive work environment. Moreover, a positive attitude helps you build better relationships with colleagues and leaves a lasting impression.


There you have it, eight ways to shine during your internship. By setting clear goals, finding a mentor, being proactive, showing commitment, building your network, seeking feedback, documenting your achievements, and staying positive, you can make the most of your internship experience.

These strategies will not only help you excel in your current role but also prepare you for future career opportunities. Embrace these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a star intern. Good luck!


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