Remote Internships

Remote internships place students and new graduates in a real, online working environment with a host company. They are a great way to gain work experience from any location.

Develop Your Skills

Remote Internships Information

Remote internships come with many of the same benefits as traditional internships done onsite. The purpose of an internship program is to give a student or a recent graduate an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and university learning to practical tasks with an internship host company.

The biggest difference is that the intern completes their tasks online, from their chosen location rather than the company’s office or site.

Are Remote Internships Any Good?

Sure they are. A remote internship is very similar to an onsite internship. A well-structured remote internship program will give you plenty of opportunities to develop your skills, gain knowledge, make connections and get hands-on experience.

Intern from Anywhere

A remote internship gets you to intern from any location you choose. As a remote intern, your host company can be based in a different city, state or country. Online internships open up opportunities for work and industry experiences that might not otherwise be available or within your reach.

Internship Flexibility

As you intern online, you can work from different places, such as your home, library, or uni. You can agree with the host company on the tasks you can do any day of the week at any time suitable for you. The flexibility makes a remote internship a great option if you have other commitments.

Develop Your Initiative

Remote internships allow for autonomy and demand initiative. Interning remotely forces you to learn to work independently, actively ask questions and seek advice when needed. You will have a supervisor, but as you work online, you will develop initiative to progress with your tasks.

Develop Professional Skills

A Remote Internship Develops Your Initiative and Builds Your Skills

Independent Thinking

Remote Internship Prepares You for Work

CareerDC’s remote internships are for students and new graduates who need support finding an internship placement and want to experience working remotely or need to access opportunities beyond their geographical location.

Your remote internship program will be personalised so that your placement and industry experience relate to your studies and future career aspirations. Your online placement will help you develop professional skills and prepare you for work after graduation.

A smiling remote intern wearing headphones working on a laptop whilst sitting by the window in a cafe.

Experience Working Online

Remote Internship Program

  • For students and new graduates

  • Gain industry work experience

  • Intern locally, interstate or globally

  • Intern with flexibility

  • Get academic credit for the internship

  • Get degree-related industry experience

  • Choose from over 25 popular internship industries or customise

  • New graduates get an accredited WIL Program combined with an internship


Customised for You

Benefits of Remote Internship Program

  • Choose your start date and internship length

  • Interview coaching

  • Professional updated resume

  • Online interviews organised for you

  • Soft and technical skills development

  • Develop your initiative

  • Learn to work with technology

  • Make connections online

  • Internship Certificate of Completion

Intern Remotely

CareerDC Remote Internship Program

If you are wondering whether an online internship would be good for you, contact the CareerDC team for more information.

Once you’ve discussed your internship needs with one of CareerDC's internship consultants and you have all the information you need on the remote internship program, you can decide if you want to enrol in the online internship program.

Get in touch today and learn all about CareerDC’s remote internship opportunities.

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