Information on Internships

Whether you’re a current higher education student or a recent graduate in Australia, here you will find information on internships that we coordinate at CareerDC.

What Is an Internship

An internship is a practical vocational work experience placement that gives an opportunity to a student or a new graduate, like yourself, to gain hands-on industry experience relevant to your studies.

It’s all about applying your academic knowledge and developing your technical and soft skills that make you more employable.

An internship experience makes it easier for you to transition into employment after graduation. It gives you industry exposure that helps you build your future career.

Types of Internships

Internship Program

An internship program offers a work experience placement with learning experiences relevant to the student’s studies.


It can be done on-site on the host company’s premises, remotely from a location chosen by the student intern, or as a hybrid internship placement.

WIL Program

A WIL program contains a vocational placement with learning opportunities relevant to a new graduate’s degree.


It combines an accredited training course with an internship placement. It can also be done on-site, remotely or as a hybrid work integrated learning experience.

Capstone Project

A capstone project gives students practical project and problem-solving experience as a team and fulfils the requirements of a capstone unit.


It’s often done remotely but under the supervision of an experienced industry professional from the host company. It can also be organised on-site.

Experience Through Internships

What Is an Intern

You'll collaborate with established professionals, learn from them and be guided by them.

As an intern, your work experience placement gives you an opportunity to apply your academic learning and develop your practical professional skills.

You get to collaborate with established professionals, learn from them and be guided by them.

When you decide to intern, you can choose your internship industry, the location, the length and the starting date of your internship.

A young intern in an office is speaking to a supervisor holding statistical reports on a clipboard.

Internship Eligibility

To qualify for an internship coordinated by CareerDC, it must be a requirement of your studies.

You’ll get academic credit for it from your education provider, and the internship forms a part of your degree. If you have graduated already, then the WIL Program is your option.

Internship Industries

CareerDC connects interns with host companies in a variety of industries. The popular industries include business, engineering and technology.

As an intern, you can get a placement in one of over 25 industries.

Internship Insurance

An intern’s education provider will often arrange the necessary insurance cover for the period of the internship.

However, if your education provider does not do that, CareerDC can arrange an insurance cover for the period of your internship.

Internship Coordination

As a future intern, it’s good for you to know that it takes us from two weeks to three months, on average, to coordinate a suitable internship for you.

The time depends on your needs and your degree. If you have strict requirements, it will take longer. If you need an internship urgently, contact us to discuss.

Becoming an Intern

How to Get an Internship With CareerDC

  • Use the enquiry form and send us your CV.

  • Have a free internship program consultation with us.

  • Apply for the internship program and pay the enrolment fee.

  • We will organise internship interviews for you until you get a placement.

  • Pay the internship program coordination fee.

  • Start your internship!

Intern’s Responsibilities During Internship

  • During the internship interview, ask the host company about the tasks you will do as an intern.

  • Discuss the length of the internship with the host company and the documents your university needs.

  • Communicate clearly and regularly with your internship supervisor at your host company.

  • Maintain confidentiality on all confidential or sensitive information that you obtain as an intern at the host company.

  • Act professionally and responsibly during your internship - as an intern you represent your university, CareerDC and, of course, yourself.

  • Be proactive, observe and ask questions to make the most of the learning and networking opportunities your internship offers you.

Becoming an Intern

As an Intern, You Have a Chance to Get Industry Experience and Improve Your Employability

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