Experiential Learning Platform

CareerDC provides an experiential learning platform that benefits students, host companies and education providers.

Learning Through Experience

Platform for Experiential Learning

The platform careerdc.online is an experiential learning platform. It’s where students, businesses, companies, and education providers meet and collaborate on internships and project-based learning and work experiences, including capstone projects.

Students and Interns

Platform for Students

Careerdc.online is a platform for students and interns with five major features.

Four capstone project interns in an office using the project management platform on a computer.
  • Access an internship from anywhere in the world.

  • Get online mentoring from a professional industry supervisor.

  • Collaborate with other interns and accomplish a project together.

  • Apply your learning and get a work experience certificate.

  • Collaborate online with a career consultant and build a solid CV.

Companies and Organisations

Platform for Host Companies

Careerdc.online makes a handy project management platform for companies hosting interns and capstone projects.

A business owner working by his desk with an open laptop showing statistics during on online meeting with many virtual participants showing on the desktop screen.
  • Welcome interns to your business with easy onboarding.

  • Kick off innovative projects with the help of a team of fresh-minded students.

  • Help young students and graduates gain practical industry experience.

  • Access all your projects and task management tools on one platform.

  • Track progress of each project using Kanban board and Gantt chart.

  • Easily mentor and supervise your interns through the platform.

  • Collaborate with education providers and contribute to experiential learning.

Universities and Colleges

Platform for Education Providers

Faculty staff and academic supervisors for internships can easily access project details and offer supervision through the careerdc.online platform.

A university supervisor making notes whilst sitting in an office by an open laptop.
  • Implement easily an online internship as a mandatory or an optional module.

  • Assist your students in gaining industry experience from real companies.

  • Give your students the edge of being job-ready by the time they graduate.

  • Track students’ progress and assess students’ performance on one platform.

  • Assess students’ communication with host companies and team members.

  • Collaborate with host companies and facilitate experiential learning.