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Some of the most popular internship programs include Engineering, Business, and Technology Internship Programs.

In addition, there are over 25 other internship industries to choose from. CareerDC's consultants know how to find the internship placement best suited for you.

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Business Internship Programs

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    CareerDC Internship Coordination Services

    Internship Programs

    Internship Programs are designed to offer international and domestic students in Australia study-related work experience with academic credit.

    WIL Programs

    WIL Programs offer the best internship placement option for students who’ve recently graduated and need industry experience.

    Capstone Projects

    Capstone Projects, in partnership with education providers, give students problem-solving experience relevant to their studies.

    Internship Placement

    CareerDC Internships Give You Industry Insights and Boost Your Professional Development

    Benefits of Our Internship Programs

    Good Reasons to Choose CareerDC Internships

    CareerDC gives you a personalised service with unlimited interviews until you are placed in an internship relevant to your studies and future career dreams.

    Internship Coordination Service

    CareerDC will coordinate a suitable internship placement for you, just like we've helped thousands of other students get internships since 2011.

    Industry Work Experience

    Your internship will be relevant to your studies and give you practical experience in the industry you wish to work in after graduation.

    Smooth Internship Placement

    The internship coordination has been made easy for you. When you enrol, CareerDC will do all the work to place you into your internship smoothly.

    Trusted by Students, Graduates and Internship Partners

    Internship Testimonials


    235 Ratings
    Google Reviews

    Accounting and finance intern Jason from the University of Adelaide.

    “My internship was very great and I liked it very much. I didn’t have practical experience before. Therefore, my internship allowed me to get to know the work environment and the work process.”

    Jason, Master of Accounting and Finance, University of Adelaide
    IT intern Yifei from the University of Sydney.

    “I have gained valuable insights from this internship. Stepping out of my comfort zone throughout the internship has boosted my confidence in facing challenges. “

    Yifei, Master of IT, University of Sydney
    Business information systems intern Shuyi from the University of Queensland.

    “I like my internship. The colleagues in the company are very nice and helpful. I have known how to use the management system and have improved my professional skills.”

    Shuyi, Master of Commerce (BIS), University of Queensland
    Electrical engineering intern Ishfaq from Macquarie University.

    “The internship experience is very good. My colleagues are very helpful and accommodating. I really appreciate CareerDC for their help and for spending time on my internship search.”

    Ishfaq, BSc in Electrical Engineering, Macquarie University

    Internship Information

    For Students and Graduates

    The internship program is a practical work experience program that gives you a chance to gain hands-on industry experience.

    For Host Companies

    As a company hosting an intern, you will benefit from their fresh mindset whilst giving the student work experience.

    For Education Providers

    As an education provider, you can support your students get industry experience through a partnership with CareerDC.

    Hands-On Experience

    Internship Programs That Connect Students and Graduates with Host Companies

    CareerDC Internship Partners