About CareerDC

Connecting students, new graduates and education providers with industry since 2011.

What CareerDC is All About

CareerDC coordinates internships, WIL programs and capstone projects. In doing this, we facilitate industry and work experience opportunities for university students and new graduates.

Through the partnerships offered to universities and colleges, we support education providers in offering enriching experiential learning experiences to their students.

Silhouettes of university graduates throwing their mortarboards in the air with the text "Graduate Employability: Work Integrated Learning Holds the Key".

Internship Experiences Since 2011

CareerDC was founded in 2011. The internship coordination services were established in response to students’ needs, especially the international students in Australia, to have better access to internship and other work and industry experience opportunities.


In addition to serving individual students and new graduates, CareerDC collaborates with education providers and agents by offering industry-specific internship and other WIL programs to boost students’ and young graduates’ employability.


We added capstone project coordination to our services in 2018 and have since formed capstone project partnerships with a number of education providers in Australia and abroad.

CareerDC's Purpose

What We Do

We bring internship programs and other WIL opportunities to students and recent graduates and help them gain study-relevant work experience.

The internships, including remote internships, allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained during their studies, develop practical, professional skills and gain industry experience to support their career planning.

We connect the university world and the real-life working world by coordinating capstone projects. The industry experiences are hosted by companies from many industries and are offered to groups of students in partnership with colleges and universities.

The aim of the industry experiences is to help students complete the requirements of their degrees, such as internship or capstone units, and develop the skills, including team work and problem-solving skills, that will make them more employable and job-ready after graduation.

Internship Coordination

How We Do It

The internships we organise are hosted by a network of companies that cover a range of industries, although business, engineering and technology are by far the most popular.

We match each student with the most suitable internship opportunity, including the host company’s industry and location and the student’s study discipline. CareerDC’s host companies recognise the mutual benefits of hosting student interns who need industry experience and academic credit.

Education providers who want to offer industry project experiences, such as capstone projects, to their students, can collaborate with CareerDC. We customise capstone projects for the needs of specific faculties, departments or study units.

CareerDC Team

Who We Are

Originating in Sydney, Australia, in 2011, our team has grown into a distributed global team. We come from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds. Some of our team members started with CareerDC as interns, so they have a good understanding of the needs of students and new graduates looking for internships.

Internship Experiences

Thousands of students and new graduates have benefited from CareerDC’s internship programs and other WIL opportunities.

Career Development

Work experience and industry insights through CareerDC internships help students take charge of their career development.

Industry Connections

It’s through the industry connections facilitated by CareerDC that students can learn and develop practical employability skills.