Internships by Location

We coordinate internships in different locations, including Australia, New Zealand and overseas. Here you will find more information on those internship destinations.

Internships in Oz, NZ and Overseas

Internship Destinations

CareerDC has facilitated internship placements in various Australian, New Zealander and overseas locations since 2011.

Our internship programs based in Australia are the most popular. New Zealand is a good destination for student interns too. We’ve assisted several local and international students get placements in different cities in New Zealand.

As to other international locations and internships overseas, a good many interns from different educational backgrounds have benefited from customised internship programs in a variety of overseas destinations.

University students sitting on the floor with a world map and a globe all pointing at different locations on the globe.

Internships by Region

Whether you’re seeking an internship experience in Australia, New Zealand or another, international location, CareerDC’s internship coordination team will assist you in sourcing a suitable internship placement for you in the region you are interested in.

Our host company network is wide and stretches across Australia and New Zealand to other locations overseas.

Popular Internship Locations

Internships in Australia

Internships in New Zealand

Internships Overseas

Internship Customised by Location

Internship in Your Preferred Location

CareerDC facilitates internship programs in a range of industries and locations.

There is plenty of information on our internship programs in Australia for domestic and international students in Australian universities. Head to Internship Industries for more details.

If you’re interested in an internship in New Zealand or overseas, contact the CareerDC team to ask about your preferred location and the industry in which you want to do your internship.

We will assess your internship requirements and consider customising an internship program in your desired location.