Software Engineering Internship Review from Lance

Software engineering intern Lance from UTS.

“This internship has been fantastic! I am very satisfied with the overall internship experience and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. The internship environment was very friendly, and my colleagues were supportive and cooperative. Everyone was helpful, and we worked together to accomplish project tasks. As a software engineering intern, I participated in design meetings for web based and mobile applications, collaborated with the manager to develop projects, performed some IT project coordination and other activities, complete a status report of tasks and report to the Supervisor to receive feedback. Through this internship, I gained various technical skills related to IT. I learned how to create and work through a website interface. Moreover, I understood the importance of cooperation and mutual support within a team. I would advise fellow students to plan ahead and look for internships in advance. Take initiative and seek advice from colleagues, dare to accept new tasks and challenges. Embrace the internship as an opportunity for learning and personal growth, and I believe you will have a fulfilling and unforgettable internship experience!”

Lance, Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, NSW, Australia.