Health Technology Internship Review from Ethan

Health technology intern Ethan from the University of Sydney.

“My current internship is going as usual. I can say that overall, this internship has given me a fresh observation and learnings in the field of biotechnology. Our company’s working environment is very conducive, I can say it has a relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to my colleagues, they are pretty awesome. Whenever I encounter issues or problems, they are willing to give me a hand. My supervisor also helps me to become better each day. For my task and responsibilities, it’s mainly focused on fluorescence microscopy, immuno-magnetic separation, developing methods for cutting and imaging filter membranes. Since I was exposed to different tasks and responsibilities, I can say that I’ve gained knowledge of the process and procedure. My decision making has also improved. To my fellow internship seekers, please do not wait to start an internship. Whenever opportunities arise, make sure to seize them. Likewise, in any company or work related situation, remember that communication is very important, it is a vital tool that links the person together to achieve great results.”

Ethan, Master of Health Technology Innovation, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.