Landscape Architecture Internship Review from Patrick

Landscape architecture intern Patrick from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

“This internship has provided me with new and rewarding experiences from which I have gained a lot. I was exposed to various knowledge and skills, which honed my overall growth and professional development. Overall, I am really satisfied with this internship. The company’s working environment is very conducive with a relaxed working atmosphere. My colleagues are all amazing, they are all willing to lend a helping hand whenever I need extra assistance. My supervisor is also mindful of my progress each day. As for the tasks, I’m mainly responsible for designing portfolios for clients, creating landscape designs for new and existing buildings, assisting in finding potential clients, and collaborating with the team. I can say that I’ve gained knowledge in the processes and procedures as well as landscaping, since I was exposed to a number of client facing tasks, I’ve also improved my communication skills. My decision making has also been honed. Collaborating with the team also enhanced my teamwork abilities. For students who are exploring internships, I would suggest you to keep working hard and maintain a positive learning attitude, and communicate effectively with team members. Also, try to accept hands-on experiences whenever available. This internship is truly a memorable and rewarding experience for me.”

Patrick, Master of Landscape Architecture, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, VIC, Australia.