Mechanical Engineering Internship Review from Gary

Mechanical engineering intern Gary from UNSW.

“During my internship, I had the privilege of working in a dynamic and collaborative environment alongside experienced engineers and professionals. The company assigned challenging projects that allowed me to apply my academic knowledge. I was trusted with real responsibilities, and my contributions were valued, which boosted my confidence and motivation. One of the highlights of the internship was the exposure to various aspects of mechanical engineering. I worked on diverse projects, including design, simulations, experiments, and data analysis. This expanded my understanding of the field and developed my skills. I also had the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, enhancing my technical proficiency. The internship prioritised teamwork and collaboration. I worked in cross-functional teams with professionals from various engineering disciplines, which allowed me to learn from their expertise. We had a culture of continuous learning and growth, with an open exchange of ideas and knowledge. The mentorship and guidance I received were outstanding. My supervisors and mentors consistently supported me, answering my questions and giving constructive feedback. They were dedicated to my development, providing the necessary resources for my success. Their involvement played a crucial role in my growth as an engineer. Additionally, the company’s commitment to safety and ethical practices impressed me. This internship has been transformative. It equipped me with practical skills, expanded my technical knowledge, and increased my confidence as an engineer. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with professionals who genuinely cared about my development. This experience solidified my passion for mechanical engineering and prepared me for a successful career in the field.

Gary, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honour) – The University of New South Wales, NSW Australia.