Data Management and Analytics Internship Review from Yifei

Data management and analytics intern Yifei from USYD.

“The internship has been a smooth and fulfilling experience, with the successful completion of one project and the upcoming start of a new one. I have gained valuable insights from this internship. The company environment was relaxed, considering my busy schedule with classes, so initially, I wasn’t assigned too many tasks. However, I took the initiative to lead two team members and actively contribute to the project. As a result, we completed the task ahead of schedule, impressing our manager. The project focused on data visualisation and involved processing data for an Australian startup. I also took on the responsibility of coordinating with the team members, conducting meetings every two weeks, and maintaining communication through email and messages. This experience taught me a great deal, particularly in the areas of data analysis and visualisation. It also enhanced my communication skills, including managing uncooperative team members and task assignments. Stepping out of my comfort zone throughout the internship has boosted my confidence in facing challenges. I have come to understand the importance of effective communication with colleagues and how strong teamwork can greatly enhance work efficiency.

Yifei, Master of Information Technology (Data Management and Analytics) – The University of Sydney, NSW Australia.