Aerospace Engineering Internship Review from Srinivas

Aerospace engineering intern Srinivas from the University of Adelaide.

“My internship is going well so far. I’ve had the opportunity to learn new things, and I’m enjoying the experience. The people around me are great, and I feel comfortable in the working environment. I help out with various tasks, especially when things get busy. I’m expecting to get one next week. While I haven’t learned much technical skills, I feel like I’ve made a substantial improvement during this internship. The best part for me is interacting with my colleagues, talking to them, and learning from their experiences. This is something I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t taken on this internship. I would definitely recommend an internship to my friends. It’s been a positive experience for me, and I’m happy to share that with others. I’m also open to becoming one of the Brand Ambassadors for the company, and I’m excited about that possibility.”

Srinivas, Master of Engineering (Aerospace), University of Adelaide, SA, Australia.