Mechanical Engineering Internship Review from Jesse

Mechanical engineering intern Jesse from UNSW.

“I’m delighted to share with you my experience, this is my 2nd month of internship and it’s currently doing great! The working atmosphere is conducive and relaxed. I’ve successfully mingled with my colleagues and they are all very friendly and approachable. My main tasks are related to my course as a mechanical engineering, which includes preparing calculations and reports, performing analysis of mechanical design choices, assisting in the testing process and validation of new designs. This internship has really taught me a lot of valuable learning experiences. As I track the project development and design, I learned how to perform detailed documentation on it, I’ve also maximise my skills in terms of budgeting. For those who are interested in taking internships and are still studying, I suggest that you plan ahead , balance study and internship, make sure to manage your time wisely. It can really be overwhelming to do two things at once, it will really help to be open with your internship company and be transparent in discussing any problems or difficulties that you will encounter.”

Jesse, Master of Mechanical Engineering, University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia.