Food Science Internship Review from Tony

Food science intern Tony from the University of Melbourne.

“I had a very good and fulfilling internship. My colleagues were friendly and my manager was quite nice. I learnt so much from them. During my internship, I was mainly responsible for experiments and factory. I did tasks such as quality control, daily quality inspection, research and development of new products. The internship turned out very different from what I imagined. It helped me gain a general understanding of my major, career, and the industry. Although it was a preliminary understanding, it gave me some tips for job hunting in the future. I also communicated a lot in English, so my oral language has been improved hugely. As an intern, you should participate actively and seize any opportunity to learn. Although it may be a bit difficult, it will end very well. We have been taught a lot of theory in school, but the internship is practical and crucial. I really appreciate the help from CareerDC and the host company!”

Tony Tang, Master of Food Science – University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia