Science and Engineering Internship Review from Jessica

Science and engineering intern Jessica from the University of NSW.

“I am very satisfied with the internship and felt lucky to join a company with super-friendly colleagues. Through the good relationships with my colleagues in the lab, I was able to learn all kinds of things. I felt valued and appreciated. There’s even a photo of me on their website. We often chatted during our break time and we shared delicious food. I spent most of my time in the laboratory, assisting my colleagues in chemical experiments, testing different samples, and editing reports. I found it very interesting. The experiments allowed me to further develop the knowledge I learned at university and also developed my skills in chemistry. My advice for future interns is to be diligent, proactive, and studious, and be willing to accept the suggestions from others with an open mind.”

Jessica Liu, Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering – University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia