Food Science Internship Review from Chia

Food science intern Chia from the University of Melbourne.

“My internship experience was great. I learned a lot during my internship and received a full-time offer from the company. My colleagues were very kind and willing to help with my questions. They were from different countries and had the opportunity to get in touch with a multicultural environment. My manager was terrific and helped me a lot. My manager recommended me to the category department and received an offer from the company, and the job was relevant to my study. I expressed my interest in business and marketing at the beginning of the internship, and the company arranged the tasks for me. Besides the tasks related to Food Nutrition, I was responsible for digital marketing tasks, such as editing website posts, building new B2B websites, management, email, digital marketing, etc. The internship allowed me to gain a lot of new things. I highly recommend doing internships. I recommend CareerDC to students who are looking for internships as they will help you place major-related internships. It is a good experience and very necessary for helping you prepare for finding a job in Australia.”

Chia H., Master in Food Science – University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia