Construction Management Internship Review from Jiang

Construction management intern Jiang from Deaking University.

“My internship is going smoothly. I have gained a lot from it, and I am looking forward to more growth in the future. I really appreciate the help of the company and colleagues. My supervisor was very approachable. During my interview, my supervisor told me to ask any questions I may have in the future. So that’s what I did and got very good feedback. I am grateful to my supervisor for the help he had given all throughout the internship. The internship tasks are highly related to my major, such as costing building, project analysis, and so on. I also prepared reports for civil engineers, which impressed me a lot. I got in touch with the architecture content during the university, and this internship brings me a civil perspective. I can think about things from the perspective of a civil engineer, which is very beneficial for me to find a job in the future. With this internship, I have enhanced my professional skills and English communication. What impressed me the most was the interview, which allowed me to get to know how a formal interview was presented in a relaxed environment.”

X. Jiang, Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) – Deakin University, Victoria, Australia