Financial Risk Management Internship Review from Sofia

Financial risk management intern Sofia from Monash University.

“My internship will be ending by February next year, the overall internship experience is currently good. I’m glad to share with you that these experiences from this internship will be beneficial for my future career as an accountant. The working atmosphere is very conducive and informative as well, the timetable set by the company is suitable as well. And I’m also grateful that I have colleagues who support me each step of the way. My tasks and responsibilities were similar to what was communicated during the interview. These tasks equipped me to be more familiar with the daily routines in my industry. I have learned a lot from the internship, I’m more familiar with tax revenues and some laws, likewise I’m also more proficient in using excel techniques. I’m happy to say that these experiences helped me understand how accounting firms work. For students who plan to have an internship, I suggest that they have an open and positive attitude. Take the internship as a learning experience, reach out to your colleagues and practice your English speaking skills.”

Sofia, Master of Financial Risk Management, Monash University, VIC, Australia.