Data Science Internship Review from Kexin

Data science intern Kexin from the University of Melbourne.

“This internship experience is really good. I’ve gained a lot of valuable insights from my boss who has a lot of work experience, which contributed to my overall growth and professional development.

The working environment is very comfortable. My colleagues are all helpful, they helped me adjust and blend in with the team, they made the working ambiance a relaxing one.

During the internship I was responsible for exploration and analysis, I visualized data then identified patterns and trends. In this process, I not only learned how to effectively analyze the data, but also able to present the results in a clear and concise way.

I have benefited a lot from this internship. My technical skills have greatly improved, especially the ATL. Through this internship, I’ve gained skills that will be beneficial for my career path and has given me clearer insight into my role as a data analyst.

For students interested in internships, first identify if the university requires you to have internship tasks. You will really learn a lot from internships. If you are in the same industry as me, data analyst and related field, I suggest you prepare for future plans. Take time to research the qualifications for a professional data analyst, and it will help you to perform a better internship in the future.

 Kexin, Master of Data Science, University of Melbourne, VIC, Australia.