Business Management Internship Review from Mohamed

Business management intern Mohamed from Kaplan Business School.

“I am thoroughly enjoying my internship experience as it has been going exceptionally well. One of the key factors contributing to its success is the direct alignment of my tasks and responsibilities with my field of study. This aspect allows me to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained throughout my academic journey in a practical and meaningful manner. Currently, I am actively involved in projects related to the chamber of commerce, marketing, and business development, which not only reinforces my understanding of these subjects but also enhances my proficiency in them. The positive work environment and the supportiveness of my colleagues have played a vital role in making my internship experience fulfilling. The collaborative atmosphere encourages teamwork and facilitates personal and professional growth. While it is understood that help may not always be readily available, this has also taught me to be resourceful and independent, which in turn has improved my problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, I firmly believe that this internship is immensely beneficial to my studies. The practical exposure I am gaining complements the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom, providing me with a comprehensive education. I am constantly learning new concepts, techniques, and industry practices, which not only deepens my understanding but also helps me develop a versatile skill set. One notable achievement during my internship is the recent acquisition of skills in designing and developing an Essert website for the Chamber of commerce. This hands-on experience has expanded my technical expertise and further solidified my understanding of web development. Undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding aspects of my internship is the opportunity to network and be introduced to potential employers. This exposure enables me to establish valuable professional connections and build a network within my industry. By interacting with experienced professionals and gaining insights into their expectations and requirements, I am better prepared to navigate the job market upon completing my studies. In conclusion, based on the positive experiences and growth I have witnessed during my internship, I wholeheartedly recommend internships to my friends. The practical experience, direct relevance to our studies, and networking opportunities it offers create an exceptional platform for personal and professional development. It is a chance for us to apply our knowledge, acquire new skills, and lay the foundation for a successful future career.

Mohamed, Bachelor of Business Management – Kaplan Business School, Adelaide, SA Australia.