Business Property Internship Review by Lavinia

Business property intern Lavinia from the University of South Australia.

“I will finish my internship this Friday which is quite valuable! During this internship, I’m mainly responsible for valuation report preparation, sometimes visiting the real estate, data research for budgeting specialists and other general office tasks, etc. Totally they are quite professional in which I’ve applied what I learned and got to know the industry procedures. The boss and colleagues around me are very friendly and we chat now and then. At first, I was worried about communication with the local people, however they are quite warm and even write down the words when I am confused. I’ve acquired a lot from the colleagues who are quite experienced in the industry for ten or twenty years. Even though I’m thinking about going back to China, this internship is still meaningful for me which I recommend to all of my peers!”

(Lavinia) Pin, Business Property Intern – University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia