Bioinformatics Engineering Internship Review by Sixiao

Bioinformatics engineering intern Sixiao from the UNSW.

“This internship not only helped me complete the internship requirements required by the school, but also gave me a very rare and valuable experience. My major requires a lot of computer science-related technical abilities, and my internship gave me many relevant learning opportunities. The daily task arrangement is mainly to update and maintain the company’s software applications. Many programming languages I have not been exposed to before are used, which is a brand new learning process. The company also attaches great importance to the training of interns, and requires us to ask for help as soon as possible for problems that we cannot solve by ourselves in a short time; the company’s colleagues are also very enthusiastic and helped me learn a lot in actual work. It feels really good to be able to gain such a dry goods internship background through an internship credit!”

(Sophia) Sixiao, Bioinformatics Engineering Intern – University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW