Mechanical Engineering Internship Review from Yiming

Mechanical engineering intern Yiming from the University of Melbourne.

“The internship went pretty well, the internship tasks were highly relevant to my studies and I felt very fulfilled. As an intern, my internship tasks were mainly to assist our senior environmental engineers. The most common daily routine is to visit factories that collaborate with our company, evaluate their quality, make records (text and photos), report back to the company and provide any possible optimising solutions. The most impressive part I would love to share is the great progress on my communication skills. My daily routines asked me to work between the office and factories, see different people everyday and communicate with them, regardless if they are colleagues, managers or labourers. It was challenging, yet I loved that experience which improved my communication skills a lot.I realised that doing an internship is absolutely crucial to Engineering students, since it is almost mandatory for them if they would like to find a full-time engineering job. This internship provided me a two-for-one deal, which not only saved my time by doing an internship unit, but also enriched my industrial experience that cannot be achieved by other units of studies.”

Yiming, Mechanical Engineering Intern – the University of Melbourne, Melbourne