Marketing Internship Review from Daniel

Marketing intern Daniel from the Queensland University of Technology.

“During this internship, I gained valuable experiences and practical skills that will greatly benefit my future job search. The supportive and friendly colleagues, with special mention to my supervisor Billy, fostered a harmonious working environment that facilitated my professional growth and adaptation. Despite the absence of a dedicated marketing department, I had the opportunity to engage in diverse tasks, such as providing marketing services and organizing a social media campaign for a painting company. This hands-on experience allowed me to develop fundamental skills in social media management, marketing, and SEO, while also enhancing my abilities in self-learning and independent problem-solving. Throughout the 12-week internship, I learned the importance of self-study and effective communication with colleagues, motivating me to seek advice and learn from others. Overall, this internship has been transformative, equipping me with valuable skills and knowledge that will undoubtedly contribute to my future career success.”

Daniel, Master of Business, Integrated Marketing Communication – Queensland University of Technology QLD Australia.