Business Internship Testimonial from Dongxu

Business intern Dongxu from the UTS.

“I find my internship quite good. A supervisor was assigned to help me to do the projects. It was an unforgettable and valuable experience! The internship environment is very harmonious. I mainly communicate with my supervisor. In the beginning, we communicated with each other every day to follow up and solve problems. After I got familiar with the tasks, we caught up with each other about once a week. I am very grateful for all the guidance and support I received from my supervisor. The internship tasks were related to my major, and mainly about brokers. The supervisor gave me proper training about two banks. Then I used an Excel sheet to record the property transaction. The supervisor provided me with good suggestions which helped me to avoid many mistakes. This internship allowed me to understand how the company thinks of investors, quite different from the one from school. I also learned how to consider issues from the perspective of the company, which is very new to me. The supervisor taught me many bank policies. I find these experiences very beneficial for my career in the future. It may be difficult for you at the start of the internship, after all, everything is difficult at the beginning. Just ignore the frustrating feeling, don’t be too hard on yourself, and work slowly and carefully. Staying positive and working hard will help you get through.”

Dongxu, Bachelor of Business – University of Technology Sydney, NSW, Australia