Business Information Systems Internship Review from Shuyi

Business information systems intern Shuyi from the University of Queensland.

“I like my internship. The colleagues in the company are very nice and helpful. We come from different places and countries and get along quite well. I communicate with the supervisor a lot mainly about work, and the supervisor has helped me a lot. The company is an auto parts manufacturer, and I had no clue before I joined the company. The supervisor taught me what different parts do, and also made a systematic introduction to the factory. I also have daily contact with other colleagues, and the company atmosphere is very good. During the internship, I was mainly responsible for production cost accounting, including looking for data from different intranet reports and enterprise management systems and optimizing the preliminary template. I have known how to use the management system and have improved my professional skills. I was also impressed by the wonderful company atmosphere. There were a lot of events in the company, and all employees participated including me. Even if I was busy outside, my supervisor will get someone to remind me. It made me feel that I have not been ignored and was part of the company. I also received a Christmas present. You must never stop trying. Don’t worry! Just spend some time on it, work hard, and you will be part of it.”

Shuyi, Master of Commerce (Business Information Systems) (Feb 2021 – Present) – University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia