Accounting Internship Review from Kevin

Accounting intern Kevin from the University of Adelaide.

“ I had a positive internship experience overall. I genuinely enjoyed the tasks assigned to me, which involved checking log books and handling some aspects of payroll tax. The working environment was pleasant, and I found it to be conducive to learning and personal growth. Throughout my internship, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that have proven to be very helpful. One specific technical skill I developed during my internship was utilizing Excel. This software played a significant role in my day-to-day responsibilities, and I had the opportunity to enhance my proficiency in using it effectively. Since Excel is widely used in various industries, acquiring expertise in this area will undoubtedly benefit me in future career opportunities. However, beyond the technical skills, the most rewarding aspect of my internship was the overall experience and the improvement of my English communication skills. Effective communication is crucial in any professional setting, and I consider this enhancement to be particularly valuable. Engaging with colleagues and superiors in an English-speaking work environment allowed me to refine my language skills and develop confidence in expressing myself clearly and effectively. Reflecting on my experience, I would certainly recommend pursuing an internship to friends and peers, especially if it aligns with their educational or professional requirements. An internship not only provides practical exposure to the industry but also offers a platform to learn and grow in a supportive and supervised environment. The hands-on experience gained during an internship is invaluable and can greatly contribute to one’s personal and professional development.”

Kevin, Master of Commerce in Accounting – The University of Adelaide, SA Australia.