Finance Internship Testimonial from Jingyu

Finance intern Jingyu from Monash University.

“My internship has been an amazing experience. The company provided a supportive and friendly environment, and I had the chance to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The working environment was fantastic, with great colleagues who made work enjoyable. The supervisors were always there to guide and assist me whenever I needed help. During the internship, I worked on various tasks, such as researching the renewable energy industry and participating in financial transactions. These experiences expanded my knowledge and gave me insights into the financial markets. One of the most valuable skills I gained was effective communication and collaboration with Australian colleagues, which will benefit my future career. I highly recommend students to start looking for internships early. It’s a chance to learn real-world skills and experience the working culture of Australian companies firsthand. I am grateful for this enriching internship and would encourage others to seize similar opportunities.”

Jingyu, Master of Finance – Monash University, VIC Australia.