Accounting and Finance Internship Review from Jonathan

Accounting and finance intern Jonathan from UNSW.

“My internship experience has been amazing! It has helped me become a better accountant. After the internship, I got a part-time job at the same company, which allowed me to keep learning and growing. I was lucky to work with a supportive and professional team during the internship. My manager and colleagues were always helpful, making me feel welcome and helping me improve my skills.

During the internship, I did various accounting tasks like keeping records, preparing financial statements, and helping with budgeting. I learned a lot during the internship, like practical accounting skills and how to analyze data and solve problems better.

For students planning an internship, I suggest being open-minded about doing basic work. Starting with the basics is essential for gaining experience and building a strong foundation for your future career. It’s through these basic tasks that you learn valuable skills and set yourself up for success.

Jonathan, Master of Accounting & Finance, University of New South Wales, NSW, Australia.