Architecture Internship Review from Fathima

Architecture intern Fathima from Curtin University.

“I’m delighted to share that my internship is going well, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The work environment is positive, and my colleagues have been supportive throughout. What makes it even better is that all the tasks I’ve been assigned directly relate to my study field. This direct alignment allows me to apply my academic knowledge in practical scenarios, which is proving to be highly beneficial for my learning and development.

I’m continuously learning and gaining valuable insights during my internship. The experience of working on projects in between tasks has been particularly enriching. It provides me with a well-rounded understanding of the architectural field and allows me to expand my skill set. Additionally, I’m acquiring technical skills through the utilization of various software tools. This proficiency with software will enhance my capabilities and make me more competitive in the industry.

The most rewarding aspect of my internship is the exposure to the real world of architecture. While studying provides a solid foundation, experiencing the practical aspects of the profession is invaluable. I’m gaining firsthand experience and insights into the complexities and challenges of working in the field. This experience is helping me develop a more comprehensive understanding of architecture and preparing me for a successful future career.

Given my positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this internship to my friends who have an interest in architecture or related fields. The combination of a supportive work environment, tasks aligned with my study field, continuous learning opportunities, and exposure to the real world of architecture make this internship a valuable and fulfilling experience. I believe my friends would also benefit greatly from such an opportunity, and I encourage them to consider it.”

 Fathima, Master of Architecture, Curtin University, WA, Western Australia.