Architecture Internship Program

Organised for architectural students in Australian universities, the Architecture Internship Program gets you to apply your learning, and gain industry insights and practical skills in architecture.

Architecture Internships Information

CareerDC coordinates architecture internship placements as part of the Architecture Internship Program. The internship program is open to local Australian and international students studying for a degree in architecture in one of Australia’s universities and colleges.

The internship allows you to be involved in real-life architectural tasks and projects. It builds on your studies and gives you industry work experience. Your placement also gives you academic credit.

If your degree does not require you to do an internship or if you are a new graduate, you can get an architecture internship as part of the Work Integrated Learning Program.

An architecture intern with an experienced architect in a glass-walled office pointing at an architectural building model.

Architecture Internship in Melbourne or Any Other City in Australia

Melbourne is one of the most popular locations for internships in Oz. Sydney and Brisbane attract their fair share of architecture interns as well. Whether you are looking for an architecture internship in Melbourne or any other Australian city, our team of internship consultants will support you in securing a suitable internship placement in your preferred location.


We coordinate internships all around Australia. When you enrol in the internship program, you’ll discuss your internship needs and requirements with one of CareerDC’s internship coordinators, including the start date, length and location of your placement.

Become an Architectural Intern With CareerDC’s Help

When you enrol in the Architecture Internship Program, CareerDC does the work of finding and coordinating an internship placement that is a good fit for you.

In the meantime, you need to prepare yourself for your interview(s), think of your goals as an architectural intern and put your best self forward in your internship interview(s).

Once you are successful in your internship placement interview and your internship is confirmed, you need to ensure you use the work experience opportunity to develop your skills, make industry connections and get first-hand architectural work experience.

Features of the Architecture Internship Program

Internship Facilitated for You

We’ve supported many architecture students get work experience placements and we know what students need from their internships.

Internship Interview Coaching

A polished CV and interview coaching will help you prepare and succeed in your architecture internship interview.

Architectural Experience

We’ll schedule interview(s) for you with potential host companies until you get an internship offer that will give you architectural work experience.

Experience in Architecture

Architecture Internship Program for International Students

The Architecture Internship Program is open to international and domestic architectural students studying for an Australian degree.

It can be more difficult for international students in Australia to find suitable internship opportunities as you don’t have the same network of connections as the local students have.

CareerDC’s internship host companies are experienced in hosting international students. They regularly welcome new architectural interns who need study-related work experience and academic credit but don’t have Australian residency or citizenship.

CareerDC Architecture Internships

Host Companies Include

  • A company specialising in cultural and commercial designs

  • A company specialising in floodproof houses

  • An architectural business specialising in town planning

Industry Insights Examples

  • Preparing drawings, blueprints, and specifications

  • Using CAD software to prepare project designs and plans

  • Adjusting designs and plans to meet clients’ needs

Architecture Insights

As an Architectural Intern, You’ll Get Architecture Insights, Develop Your Skills and Get Practical Work Experience

Get Started

How To Find Architecture Internships

Here’s how you can find opportunities for architecture internships:

  • Fill out and send us the enquiry form.

  • You’ll receive an email from us with info on the internship program and how it works.

  • You’ll have a free phone consultation to check that the program is suitable for you.

  • Finally, if you decide to enrol, you’ll pay the enrolment fee and we’ll get started.

It takes less than a minute to complete the form and send it to us. Do it now and get started with finding your architecture internship placement!

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