Internships in Adelaide

As the capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a good spot for an internship experience. Here you’ll find information about the internships we facilitate in Adelaide.

Information on Internships in Adelaide

Adelaide is said to be one of the most affordable cities to live in Australia. And there’s plenty to do and enjoy in Adelaide. The city is an attractive destination for internships, especially if you are looking for a quieter location than Sydney or Melbourne.

Our Adelaide-based internship host companies vary in size, industry and location in Adelaide. Internships in business, engineering and technology are popular with Adelaide interns.


Adelaide Internship That Builds on Your Studies

Your Adelaide internship will be relevant to your degree. We’ll customise your internship program to match your internship needs and your degree’s requirements. The internship placements we coordinate give you academic credit, complement your studies and help with your career planning.


If your degree does not contain an internship component or if you have already graduated, the WIL Program will be an option for you. You’ll get your Adelaide internship placement as part of the accredited Work Integrated Learning Program.


We regularly facilitate internships in over 25 industries. Below is a list of some of the industries that are popular with Adelaide interns. If your study area is not on the list, contact us to ask about internships relevant to your degree.

Internship in Adelaide Organised for You

When you enrol in the internship program relevant to your degree, we’ll do it all for you. From an updated CV to interview coaching to arranging interview(s) for you, we’ll source an internship placement for you.

All you need to do is prepare for your interview(s), plan your internship goals and secure an internship placement offer. After that, it’s up to you to make the most of the internship opportunity.

Adelaide Internship Program Benefits

Internship Facilitated for You in Adelaide

We know what host companies look for in interns and what students and new graduates need from their internship experiences.

Interview Coaching

An updated CV and interview coaching will help you prepare for your internship interview(s) and get an offer from a host company.

Work Experience in Adelaide

Your work experience placement will build on your studies and give you hands-on industry experience with an Adelaide-based host company.

Adelaide Work Experience

Internship in Adelaide for International Students

Our internships are open to international students in Australia.

Whether you are studying in Adelaide or any other city in Australia, our network of host companies in Adelaide welcomes international students who need practical, local work experience and want to obtain academic credit for their internships. Our programs are open to local Australian students as well.

CareerDC Internship Programs in Adelaide

Host Companies

The internship host companies are based all around Adelaide and vary in size and industry. We’ll match you with a host company that is suitable for your internship needs and meets your degree’s requirements.

Hands-On Experience

The hands-on experience and industry insights you’ll get during your Adelaide internship depend on your host and your degree. Your internship placement will give you a chance to apply your learning and develop your skills.

Career Planning

Your Adelaide Internship Program Helps You With Your Career Planning and Skills Development

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Internship in Adelaide

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