Translation Internship Review from Kenneth

Translation intern Kenneth from Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

“This internship allowed me to gain the necessary experience and was a wonderful learning opportunity. The work culture was friendly, and everyday interaction with my colleagues was very fun. Everyone was very focused at work and I personally really enjoyed this kind of work environment. My main role was assisting in Chinese-English document translation. Additionally, I was also frequently involved in marketing activities, and utilised my bilingual communication skills to interact with students. At times, I would also participate in the planning of company activities, providing ideas etc. This internship allowed me to use my translation skills in a practical working environment. From this internship, I further developed my own linguistic skills, and also discovered some details in translation that I had previously not noticed. The flexible nature of my work allowed me to quickly integrate into other fields, which heightened my experience. A new working environment, work I am comfortable with, patient colleagues: these are all reasons I enjoyed this internship.”
Kenneth Ling Choi Tang, Translation Intern – Lingnan University