Telecoms Engineering Internship Review from Frank

Telecommunication engineering intern Frank from the USYD.

“I am an electrical engineering (telecommunication) at the University of Sydney.
My responsibility and tasks:
● Training on company’s policies and procedures.
● Induction on the main project, Smart Recycling Bin.
● Researching and comparison on characteristics about the selected electronic devices.
● Testing and documenting data transfer reliability between devices in an IoT environment.
● Testing and analysing communication between Raspberry Pi and RFID Chip.
● Analysing Data transfer between devices.
● Testing and documenting RFID integration with GPS.
● Assisting in the design and implementation of a prototype for an IoT Recycling bin.This program was beneficial for my study because I got to develop my skills in programs such as Python, the principles of RFID and Raspberry Pi. I felt supported by my supervisor and colleagues to develop valuable technical skills that would be important for my future studies and career. I recommend this program to my friends because it gave me an insight to what the industry is like.”

Frank, Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering – University of Sydney