Telecommunications Internship Review from Junhang

Telecommunications intern Junhang from the University of Sydney.

“This internship has been amazing! Through daily one-on-one communication with the CEO, I have made significant progress during these 12 weeks of remote internship. The working environment and colleagues have been great. Despite being a remote internship, we have been able to effectively collaborate and communicate through online tools and platforms. My internship tasks were divided into three stages: initially understanding water technology and communication protocols, then using CAD to build communication models, and finally optimizing and improving the models. I have learned a lot about water technology and communication protocols, and I have improved my skills in CAD modeling. Additionally, through communication and guidance from the CEO, I have also grown in terms of leadership and decision-making abilities. For students planning a remote internship, I suggest making good use of remote tools and platforms to stay connected with the team and effectively complete internship tasks. It’s also important to proactively communicate and collaborate with mentors and colleagues, continuously learn, and enhance professional knowledge and skills.”

Junhang, Bachelor of Telecommunications, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.