HR Management Internship Review from Karina

Human resource management intern Karina from the University of Melbourne.

“The overall internship experience has been great. The colleagues and leaders in the department have been very professional and have provided me with valuable learning and growth opportunities that have positively impacted my career development. The colleagues have been friendly and supportive, and the leaders have shown special care for each individual, including me as an intern. They have frequently engaged in conversations with me to ensure that I receive attention for both my work and personal development. My tasks involve handling tax documents and reports, as well as communicating with clients to address their tax-related issues. These responsibilities have allowed me to become familiar with tax processes and improve my communication and problem-solving skills. I have learned effective communication and collaboration with clients, and I have developed strong interpersonal and teamwork skills. Most importantly, the internship has boosted my confidence and laid a solid foundation for my future career development. Before starting an internship, it is important to understand your interests and goals. Choose an internship position that aligns with your field of study to enhance your skills and prepare for future employment.”

Karina, Master of Human Resource Management, The University of Melbourne, VIC, Australia.