Property Development Internship Review from Yiheng

Property development intern Yiheng from the UNSW.

“This internship has given me a good understanding of the real estate industry. I have independently worked on new projects, collected and summarised information and explained my completed tasks to my co-workers. Before the strict lockdown in NSW, I had the opportunity to work onsite every week. I observed construction sites and collected relevant information for my tasks. I am fond of the Australian work culture where my colleagues are easy-going and friendly. I was invited to a cruise party with my colleagues and I was able to socialise with them more. The company is a well-developed company and has the best business model in Australia. I was given the privileged opportunity to present our current projects at an exhibition. Although I will pursue a different industry in the future, this internship has allowed me to obtain valuable information and knowledge of the industry’s current situation and policies. Since my internship, I have already received 4 interview invitations for a paid job and I have to say that doing an internship really matters. I hope that my experience can inspire you to do an internship. I highly suggest doing an internship as soon as possible as it is good for job hunting and immigration planning.”

(Ivan) Yiheng, Property Development Intern – University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, NSW