Chemical Engineering Internship Review by Changping

Chemical engineering intern Changping from the University of Adelaide.

“It was a very meaningful internship. It was heavily focused on food science research which was the industry I did my studies in. I was mainly responsible for two sectors. The first sector was purchasing laboratory drying equipment. I searched for manufacturers on the internet and contacted them about manuals and parameters. This task improved my research skills. My second sector was experimenting in the laboratory which ranged from experiment planning, operations and results. My supervisor was very knowledgeable about the food science industry and patiently explained detailed information to me. I was responsible for tasks to complete independently but I also had the opportunity to work with my colleagues. Because of that, I have developed my English professional communication skills. Whether I plan to work or study for a PhD in the future, I am very grateful for this valuable experience!”

Changping, Chemical Engineering Intern – The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA