Petroleum Engineering Internship Review from Stephany

Petroleum engineering intern Stephany from Edith Cowan University.

“My internship is doing great! I’m learning a lot and I find it quite interesting. I am enjoying it! So far everything has been good. I’m working with different tasks and I’m doing the energy conversion. I’m responsible for research, modeling, and testing. I’m doing different things every day as we have a goal and assigned deliverables related to the goal every week. I’m learning a lot everyday and tasks given are all related to my study. Even if I’m doing a remote internship, I communicate a lot with my supervisor and colleagues online, such as Messenger. We do weekly and monthly meetings to catch up. I’ve learned how to design in SketchUp and have improved myself with MatLab. What I like about the internship is we get feedback and learn to be more initiative and confident as you don’t have to rely on your supervisor for everything. I can express my ideas and questions freely and get feedback. I think for an online internship, it’s important to have efficient communication and teamwork.”

Stephany, Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering – Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia