IT Internship Testimonial from Dennis

Information technology intern Dennis from the UTS.

“My internship was really good. I liked the company’s atmosphere and everyone was so friendly to me. I became more efficient and have improved my skills and ability to do practical work. The host company had a structured and well-laid-out management system. My colleagues were patient, helpful, and quite professional as well. During the internship, I was exposed to enormous valuable industry information. I was mainly responsible for helping others deal with daily software problems and assisting other BAU colleagues on the upgrade and maintenance of some IT projects. With the internship, Not only did I enhance my communication skills with the locals but I also learned how to start and implement specific projects and improved my practical skills. A piece of advice to students who would like to do an internship is to practice taking notes as this will help you a lot. Also, positively and humbly ask colleagues for advice and try to do things independently.”

Dennis Liu, Master of Information Technology – University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia