Mechanical Engineering Internship Review by Vivekananthan

Mechanical engineering intern Vivekananthan from the University of Melbourne.

“My internship experience was overall very good as the company really took their time to train me on site. My supervisor guided me very well and exposed me to all of the company’s resources – he also introduced me to several other employees with different roles. By this, I was able to learn and interact with them. I was involved in two projects in two different cities, one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane. I live in Victoria and was sent to Brisbane and all expenses were sponsored by the company. During my internship, I learnt to use non-destructive techniques and applied the practical material testing skills that the company also taught me. The best part of the internship was that I worked with a real life project, they allowed me to go on sites and they treated me as equals with their current employees. I would definitely recommend doing an internship to gain a local industry exposure and experience.”

Vivekananthan Karthikeyan, Master of Mechanical Engineering (Major in Mechanical) – University of Melbourne