Construction Engineering Internship Review from Ngoc

Construction engineering intern Ngoc from the WSU.

“The internship was a good experience for me and I was involved in a lot of things. I had one main supervisor and worked with many experienced engineers which developed my teamwork and collaboration skills. The people I worked with were very friendly and were very patient in answering my questions and assisting me in completing my tasks.
I was involved in projects for design and construction within the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication is a new industry for me, therefore I gained new knowledge about the field. I also directly communicated with the company’s real clients which enhanced my soft skills including learning how to interact with different people in a professional manner.
I have already recommended doing an internship with my other friends and I would most definitely recommend it to more people in order for them to get the exposure and experience they would need for their employment.”
Ngoc Anh, Bachelor of Construction Engineering Honours – Western Sydney University