Marketing Internship Testimonial from Hui

Marketing intern Hui from Monash University.

“At the beginning, I contact with CareerDC was just a mentality of trying, because I don’t know if they can help me. I am a Chinese, and it is not easy to find an internship at a local company in Melbourne.After talking on the phone, they quickly arranged an interview for me. I think they are very efficient.They will also give me a short interview training before the interview. At the same time, as long as there is a problem, you can always contact the DC staff. I think this is also very good.Their service attitude is very good and they will take into account the opinions of the guests.I have experienced 4 interviews and i get the intership position. And I am very grateful to them during this time. Thanks to Steven, Lauren,Tricia.”
Hui Yang, Marketing Intern – Monash University, VIC