Finance Internship Testimonial from Haocong

Finance intern Haocong from the University of Queensland.

“My finance internship was an incredibly positive experience. It allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge, build my network, and confirm my passion for the finance industry. During my internship, I was given the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in the finance industry. I learned a great deal about financial analysis, risk management, and investment strategies. I was also able to put my classroom knowledge into practice and develop my problem-solving skills.
The firm provided me with meaningful tasks and projects, and I was given a high level of responsibility from the very beginning. I was also given constructive feedback on my work, which allowed me to improve and grow as an intern.
Additionally, the internship gave me the chance to network and build relationships with professionals in the finance industry. I was able to attend industry events and meet with individuals from different areas of finance, which helped me to gain a broader perspective on the industry and its many career paths. I would highly recommend an internship to any student looking to gain practical experience in their field.”

Haocong, Master of Commerce – University of Queensland, QLD, Australia