Civil and Structural Engineering Internship Review from Cheng

Civil and structural engineering intern Cheng from the University of Tasmania.

“This internship provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills that I believe will be useful in my future career. The internship was a fulfilling experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I gained during the internship will serve me well. During my internship, I was assigned to work with the engineering team, where I was involved in small projects of activities such as design work, site inspections, and report writing. I was given the opportunity to work on actual projects, which allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I had acquired in school to real-world situations. I was also able to work alongside experienced engineers, who provided me with guidance and mentorship that helped me to grow both professionally and personally.
The internship allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the role of a civil engineer in the industry, and I was able to appreciate the importance of teamwork, communication, and time management skills. I was also able to see the impact of the decisions made by engineers on the final outcome of a project.”

Cheng, Master of Civil and Structural Engineering – University of Tasmania, TAS, Australia